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Are You Deeply Connected With Your Dog?


Dogs are a special gift in our lives. We can always count on them to be there for us, providing unconditional love and endless laughter. We love them just like furry babies and why not! 

People love to show off portraits of families, children and friends - so why not do the same for our fur-children? Why not create beautiful artwork of our precious ones… to cherish forever!

Celebrate the love and joy your doggies gives you by featuring them in our beautiful 200-page coffee table book called “Shoot the Dog". This book will be filled with portraits of Australia’s cutest & most loved doggos.

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Shoot the Dog will now be called “US Our Stories"

We are excited to launch the inaugural "US Our Stories" - expected completion late 2022

We launched our Shoot the Dog series of books in 2013 to celebrate the joyful lives of dogs and the vital role they play as members of our families and have successfully completed Four books raising over 100K for animal rescue! 

"US - Our Stories" is our latest baby and  is more about capturing the emotional intelligence and joy between US and our amazing dogs. From there we then immortalise this masterpiece  by featuring them in a beautiful big coffee table book.

Join us for a fun-filled portrait session either in the studio, or at the park or beach - whichever works best for your dog and YOU.

Register now and from there we will invite you in for a fur-modelling audition.


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 Animal Shelters We Proudly Support

 *Each Book Volume fundraises $20,000! Making a positive impact to dogs in need ❤️

We all love our dogs just like family. Giving back to our loyal best friends by helping homeless dogs find their forever families is our primary goal. Every single $100 participation fee is donated directly to one of our hard working animal rescue groups

Also, importantly we want to educate and raise awareness to the plight of displaced and abused animals in community and the opportunity to promote voluntary foster caring and the re-homing of dogs.

 Save a Dog Scheme

 German Shepherd Rescue Victoria

 Amazing Greys

 Pet Medical Crisis

Homes for Huskies Rescue Inc


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